Unwritten UK Bar Rules You Should Know

Bars are refreshment joints for adults. After taking a few drinks, most drinkers become loose and start behaving like a grown child. However, even in a disreputable bar, there are rules that customers must follow. The rules may not be written on the wall, but you should know the dos and the don’ts.

Be Sure of Your Budget

When you walk into a bar, you should know what you want to take. Furthermore, you should have a limit to the drinks you take lest you drink more than you can pay for. Have the cash ready when the bartenders come to collect the money.

Don’t Open Drinks and Leave them Unattended

You can be risking your life when you leave open drinks unattended. Some sleazy people could be hunting down someone to steal from. Such people can drug your drink when you are out. Moreover, the drink can be poured or poisoned.

Don’t Bang

After alcohol gets the best part of you, you may start misbehaving. One of the things that can cause you to be thrown out of a bar is banging. Therefore, when you feel the influence, calling a driver to take you home is the right move you should make.