Top 15 UK Bars

The UK is full of bars and places for hard drinks. After an exhausting day, you can have one or two drinks with your friends. Enjoy a cold beer or cocktail while listening to a soothing sound of music. Besides, excellent bars make customers find it like a home extension. Themes, elegance and a variety of drinks are some of the important elements considered when making the list of the best bars in the United Kingdom.

Top Bars In UK

  • Albert Schloss of Manchester
  • The American Bar of London
  • The Beach of Bude Cornwall
  • Bokan of London
  • BTOC City of London
  • Dead Canary of Cardiff
  • Devil’s Advocate of Edinburgh
  • Eve of London
  • Below the Stairs of Leeds
  • Rising Sun of Southampton
  • Kin of Edinburgh
  • Neighbourhood of Manchester
  • Bramble of Edinburgh
  • Orchid of Aberdeen
  • Oriole of London

Whether you enjoy a decent draft beer or cocktail, there is an elegant spot in the UK for you. From football table to atmospheric lighting and stuffed fox, most UK bars have lots of fun waiting for you. The bars are classic, high class, quaky and traditional. Try the above-mentioned bars and enjoy a refreshingly cold drink.