How Bars and Restaurants in the UK Can Curb the Spread of Covid-19

The second COVID-19 wave is hitting the whole world hard. From east, west, south and north, corona infection rates are on the rise. The UK has not been spared as the figures are also increasing, with more deaths reported daily. The increased rates have forced the UK government to impose another countrywide lockdown.

Pubs and eateries have been affected by the lockdown measures as they have to close. Only delivery services are allowed. But, how can the hospitality sector help to curb the spread of coronavirus when they reopen in the second of November? This post captures measures that can be implemented to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Observing Physical Distance

As the UK government and all stake holders find a way to curb the rapid spread of the coronavirus, business people and citizens have a role to play. Keeping a physical distance of around six feet from another person is one of the effective measures identified. COVID-19, a respiratory infection, is mainly transmitted through viral-laden mucosalivary droplets. The droplets are expelled when exhaling, coughing, sneezing or talking. Therefore, to prevent this transmission, bars and eateries should observe the distancing rules.

Observing Hygiene Measures

Too many people think that basic hygiene measures are obvious. However, it is vital to observe them. Washing hands regularly with plain water and soap helps to kill viruses. But it must get done thoroughly. Therefore, restaurants and bars should have a washing point. Customers have to take more than 20 seconds washing their hands. On the other hand, eateries and clubs can also provide sanitisers.

Avoid Cash Payments

Cash is frequently touched by people. For example, a customer can pay and the same note is given to another after the cashier handles it. In case the note is infected, many bars or restaurant customers are at risk of getting infected by the coronavirus. Hence, hospitality joints should come up with alternatives to cash payment modes. Debit cards, prepaid cards, bank transfer, mobile money and digital wallets are some of the alternatives that bars can adopt.

Wearing Face Masks

Are you wondering how a face mask can protect you? The mask covers the mouth and nose, which are the most susceptible parts of the body. Splashes of droplets containing coronavirus cannot get into your mouth or nose when you wear a mask. Furthermore, an infected person cannot splash the droplets when coughing. However, how do you wear a face mask? Pubs have to make sure their customers wear masks. These are the tips of wearing masks:

  • Place mask over the nose and mouth
  • Avoid touching the mask after wearing it
  • Sanitise before wearing and when removing the mask
  • Change dirty masks
  • Reusable masks should be washed regularly